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Hi Susan, 

I just finished the book, Grand Distance. 

Susan, it was so good I did it in two sittings.  My heart is in my throat. It touches on and brings back so many
of the emotions that I went through, that we must all go through when this happens to us and our grandchildren. 
It was beautifully written, as only you could do.  
Congratulations and well done.  

Carol and Susan,

Thank you so much for providing us with the tools (support and your time) to help us through this incredibly difficult process. What we were doing had obviously not helped and I think -- no -- I know that litigation would have been a mistake. We most likely would never have seen them again. These baby steps and learning how to communicate with our daughter so she would be open and not reactive are so helpful and we will never be able to express our gratitude enough to you all. You have been so available at every step of this process and for that we are eternally grateful.
Of course, we will continue to support your site any way we can and I just told another grandma in our town about your book.
I honestly don't know how I lucked into finding your site--my friend had asked what did I search for--I tried to re-create my search and I really have no idea other than divine intervention how I found your agency. You are angels that donate all of this time and effort. Truly amazing.
Thanks again! And I am sure we will continue our conversations. And I am grateful for that as well.
If there is anything I can help with please let me know. You all are amazing!

My best,

Dear Susan, I just finished reading your book Grand Wishes and I want to thank you for writing it. I am an "on again, off again" grandmother, currently "on" but recently "off." Every time it happens, I suffer terribly, to the point of heart problems, and I can only assume that my two granddaughters suffer too. I tried counseling, but found that particular therapist to be unhelpful as she had an attitude of "There is nothing you can do." Your book not only named all of my emotions, but did offer things to do short of taking it to court, which in my case would make things worse. I love the information beginning on page 132 and also the pages that begin every chapter. The sentiments are wonderful. Thank you again, Kathryn P.



We provide support, information and education to grandparents experiencing visitation issues with a grandchild.
How we started:

It began with a support group that would bring 

disenfranchised grandparents together.

A charitable non-profit organization was formed shortly after which provides outreach on a national level. Along the way Susan Hoffman sponsored a bill to help grandparents which became law in 2007. 

She lives in Newport Beach California where she is the director of the non-profit organization, Advocates 

for Grandparent - Grandchild Connection,  AFGGC. 


A Changed Law In California (2007) Susan Hoffman

The Assembly bill AB 2517 allowing grandparents to petition the court for visitation, following a stepparent adoption,  became law 1-01-07. You can access the bill by going to: , FAMILY CODE: 3100-3105 are the grandparent statutes, and this one is 3104 (b) 5. There was unanimous support and no opposition for AB 2517, drafted on behalf of all the children who no longer have access to their grandparents because of a stepparent adoption. 







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