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Orange County, Ca. 

Due to Covid-19 circumstances, in-person support group meetings previously held in Newport Beach will be limited to an as needed schedule.


Phone/Email OnlyCalifornia Senior Legal Hotline


California Judicial Council Self Help: Grandparent Visitation

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In depth individual consultations we ask for a small donation.


$ 30 for 30 Minute Consult: This 30 minute phone consultation is helpful when you have multiple questions or prefer to speak to someone.Click the Pay Pal Donate button for instant purchase and we will contact you for your question.

Email an inquiry at no charge:


Advocates For Grandparent-Grandchild Connection. a 501 (c)(3)

PO Box 5622 Newport Beach, Ca. 92662

Expert Testimony in Grandparent Visitation Rights Cases.

Other ways to donate without directly spending money:

just name us as your charity of choice: (Ralphs card membership includes community support).

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