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Don't Look Back

2018 is gone, so no looking back! Move forward starting with taking care of yourself first. Begin with letting go of anger, resentment and all hard feelings that come with disappointments when expectations aren't filled. The less expectations we have, the less disappointed we will be. Expecting people to behave in a certain way is the biggest disappointment of all. When that happens, we have choices, which are accept the behavior, reject the behavior, or tolerate the behavior.

The last choice will only bring on distress, however.

When a grandchild is the object of concern, grandparents may want to consider, accepting the parents the way they are, since we can't change their behavior, and figuring out ways to remain connected and a part of the child's life. It all begins with filling ourselves up first. The stronger, happier, more self-evolved we are the better we can deal with life's ups and downs.

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