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When you can't change a situation...either put up with it or walk away. When we can't change a situation and instead adapt do we end up coping in an unhealthy or healthy way?


-I keep quiet and let them have their way. It's not worth fighting over.

-I complain behind their backs.

-I shut down emotionally.

-I don't say what I mean, fearing I'll get in trouble or losing control.

-I subtly signal my disapproval.

-I engage in endless arguments no one wins.

-I feel stressed when I grin and bear it: headache, anxiety, depression, knots in my stomach.

-I convince myself that I should stick it out

-I have feelings of revenge


-I assess what works for me and avoid what doesn't

-I approach the difficult person as rationally as possible

-I avoid emotional drama with them

-I don't dwell on their behavior or complain behind their backs

-I keep away from the perpetual complainers,, gossips and connivers.

-I don't feel trapped and know I can walk away whenever I have to

-I don't rationalize a hopeless situation that has too many unhealthy ingredients which makes the relationship with the difficult person non- productive for both.

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