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The grandmother first lost her daughter when she was killed by a drunk driver, then she lost her grandchildren when the divorced dad moved them out of state. After the first and last visit, the dad cut her off.

She begged and pleaded without success of penetrating his hard shell of resistance.

She filed for grandparent visitational and lost. For the next ten years the only contact was one-sided with her sending birthday and holiday cards.

Finally when one of the kids reached 18 she contacted the grandmother resulting in a few phone conversations and hesitancy on the part of the young woman to meet in person. She did however accept photo albums with her deceased mother's pictures.

The grandmother's other daughter and aunt to the grandkids, connected with the girl by phone. Things were going well until the girl accused her grandmother of being manipulative. The aunt defended her and that was that.

Communication once more was cut off.

The grandchildren had been told by their angry father negative things about their mother's side of the family.

The lawsuit had only escalated the anger.

With no way to dispute the accusations and no way to balance the negative portrait that had been painted, the grandchildren would become victims of brainwashing.


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