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If I had known what I know today, I would have stood a better chance of staying connected to my grandchild.

My biggest mistake was rushing into court. At the time the supportive resources for disenfranchised grandparents weren't there. Today because the demand for services has risen-- with grandparent visitation issues becoming such a growing social problem--grandparents have more opportunities to seek help.

Our non-profit organization is one of those resources of support, education and information. The books alone provide much needed answers.

There is always someone to respond to email inquires through mutual exchange of questions and recommendations or through telephone counseling.

By taking the least adversarial path instead of the aggressive path, I would have maintained better control over the situation. I would have served myself and my grandson better had I worked more on myself rather than expecting the other people involved to change.

I guess the saying about keeping our enemies close rings true.

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