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Holiday Donations

Here we are again, the holidays are fast approaching and for many of us not a welcome time of year. The holidays bring with them tradition of family togetherness and joy, yet for a grandparent without a grandchild around the emptiness is compounded. Many grandparents cannot see their grandchildren at all and for those without access many are not allowed to even give them a gift for Xmas or Hanukah. Grandparents are deprived of the act of giving and what’s more the child is deprived of receiving a gift. This seems cruel to treat a child this way. A parent’s defense may be, that the child gets enough presents, which may true in their eyes, but I wonder what the child may say about that? Once again, no voice, no choice. So, for all of the grandparents who won’t be sending gifts this holiday, how about making a donation to someone who doesn’t get “enough” gifts? World Vision, Doctors Without Borders, even us AFGGC. All of these charities send an acknowledgement to the grandchild that a donation has been made in their name, so at least they will know that they were not forgotten, that is if they get to the mail, and if not, well then at least you know it went to a good cause and was not thrown away.

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