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comfort and Joy

It’s there right under our noses, we just don’t always know it. Instead of looking to the outside for comfort and joy, maybe it’s time to look inside ourselves. People will always disappoint us, they never seem to quite measure up to our expectations. Holidays are the worst for unfulfilled expectations, somehow we have a vision in our heads of how they are supposed to be and when other’s disappoint, we feel let down. I don’t have the answer as to why our family and friends can’t seem to commit to a plan or follow through, or why no one seems to care about leaving us dangling. Rather than dwell on the reasons, perhaps we should move forward with whatever brings us individual comfort and joy and let things fall into place whichever way they may. So, go ahead and buy the groceries, make what you like to eat and if no one shows up, well then there’s always the freezer where your favorite dish will be ready within minutes of a few zaps in the microwave.

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