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Success Stories & Group Support

Yes, there are actual success stories where the grandparent is reunited with the grandchild. One way or another it is the result of the grandparent’s actions whether active or passive. Sometimes grandparents step away and comply with parent’s wishes to sever ties. Sometimes grandparents continue to send gifts and cards to the child and even to the parents as a way of remaining connected in some small way. Sometimes grandparents move into active mode by soliciting a response to a well crafted letter. Time often heals wounds, which was the case with Earl and Linda, who now have a relationship with their grandkids after seven years of not seeing them. Judy had not seen her three grandchildren, who live out of state for over five years so she began a letter writing campaign. Her first letter to her son drew him out because it gave him the opportunity to express his anger and therefore point out specific reasons for the alienation. Once she had that information, we drafted a well “crafted” letter in response and a couple of months later he brought the kids to California to visit ‘grandma’.

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