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Change Self Not Law

Disgruntled grandparents are always contacting me about changing the grandparent laws in their state. What troubles me is that they think that changing a law is a piece of cake and second they believe that by doing so it's a slam dunk that grandparents will get to see their grandkids.

Don't get me wrong, if there is a definite gap in any state law it should be remedied but

only in a well planned effort. Getting laws passed is not easy..... period.

What grandparents who are set on litigation, don't comprehend is that the ultimate decision belongs to the judge, therefore they relinquish all control once they set foot into the courtroom. All the laws in the world will not change that.

Grandparents would do themselves a service by relying on their own resources as a source of guidance to maintain what they have. It requires much work to change ones behavior, and learn new skills particularly in the communication department.

I suppose that why people in general are the least involved in their own well being.

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