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Holiday Attitude Options

How we get throught the holidays depends on the type of attitude that we choose to


Finding peace and contentment may actually be less work than being miserable.

The choices are, either going for "freedom" or "lonliness". With alternating holidays with my ex, my first Christmas morning without my kids was a traumatic experience. What

changed my thinking and ultimately my attitude and perception was a good friend who had been in the same boat. Her response to her boys leaving with theiir dad on Christmas Eve, was..."yahoo"!!!!!

She had the "freedom" to do what she wanted to do, and that meant a day off in her case.

Bill Carroll on KFI radio talked about it this week as well.

If you choose "freedom" over "lonliness", be greatful that you don't have to participate in

social activites that are more of an obligation rather than a choice, and instead you can watch a movie, read a book or do whatever you damn well please.

There's nothing "lonely" about that, but celebratory!

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