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For those fortunate enough to have access to an in person support group specifically for grandparents with visitation issues, you have much to offer and receive even if you have nothing to say.

Maybe you don't have any news from last meeting, and feel like you have nothing to contribute, but that's simply not true.

Just being able to sit in the same room with someone else who is in the same boat is a blessing.

Grandparents find that friends and relatives can't offer the understanding that another alienated grandparent can.

By your mere presence you are providing a gift to others, whether or not you speak.

Simply attending lends support to all and provides an opportunity to receive support as well.

Solutions are sometimes forthcoming, but when they're not, there is information and support

that is always present.

Support groups provide a connection to one another in-between meetings, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help rather than keep things bottled up until the next meeting.

It requires a lot of courage to open up and share personal problems to strangers, but once you do those people will no longer be strangers.

It takes a lot of courage to work on ourselves, something most people aren't willing to do because we are frequently our own worst advocates.

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